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Product guarantee and information

The prints on our jewellery are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

All our pieces are handcrafted with love and care in our workshop. It is a complex process to ensure that the print is perfectly miniaturised without losing any detail or, in the case of fingerprints, that the best section is used to capture all those whirls and swirls that make our prints so unique. This print is then imprinted deeply into sterling silver to make a lasting impression so unlike engraved jewellery there is no chance of the print fading or rubbing away.

Once your unique jewellery is completed, we apply a patina to the print to darken it and make it stand out. It is of course possible to have the prints without this patina just let us know.

The piece is then polished to a very high standard to leave the dark areas only in the recesses of the print and the rest of the piece a beautiful shiny silver.

The techniques that we use to create your jewellery are individual and each piece is unique. This is a different process to making jewellery by machine and the organic features make the jewellery far superior to mass manufacturing with each piece being made by hand.

Whilst our making and polishing processes are undertaken very carefully and with great pride, your bespoke piece of jewellery will be highly polished but may not be flawless. This in no way detracts from the beauty of the piece but enhances the beauty of its uniqueness.

All jewellery is susceptible to general wear and tear and ours is no different. All our chains and findings on our jewellery are of the highest standard and carefully considered to suit each piece. However strong a chain it will stretch or break if pulled and silver will mark and scratch. Our jewellery is not guaranteed against wear or tear or damage. If you have a problem with your jewellery, then please contact us. We may be able to repair your jewellery or replace chains and findings at a reduced rate to you.