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All precious metals are required by law to carry a hall mark if they are above a certain weight. The hallmark is used to show the amount of pure precious metal within the alloy. Precious metals are not generally used in their pure form but mixed or alloyed with other metals to improve wearability, durability and workability.

Hallmarks can be applied in the traditional way by striking with a punch or the more modern way of applying by lasers.
The legal requirement for hallmarking in the UK is for silver over 7.78g, gold and palladium over 1g, and platinum over 0.5g to have a UK recognised hallmark.

Please see the dealers notice relating to hallmarking.

Clockflower keepsakes are registered with the London assay office and we are able to hallmark any piece of jewellery that we produce. However majority of our pieces do not exceed the legal weight for silver to make hallmarking compulsory. Hallmarking is an expensive and lengthy process and as all of our pieces are unique we do not hallmark as standard. The exception to this are our bangles as the are very substantial and do exceed the legal weight. If you purchase a bangle from clockflower keepsakes it will be hallmarked and carry our makers mark.

If you wish your item to be hallmarked then, of course, we are happy to oblige. This service will incur an additional charge and will add to the lead time on your purchase. Please contact us to discuss this if you would like your unique piece hallmarked.